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Resume writing


What makes a perfect CV? The secret is that the perfect resume does not exist. The CV that works for an IT consultant will be completely different to that of a sales professional. Creating a professional CV for you is about highlighting your unique skills and achievements.


At Magnus Recruitment Services I believe that each person is more than the sum of their job descriptions. In truth, we all have skills and achievements that can add value to an employer. Sometimes we can struggle to understand what our own unique qualities actually are or how to communicate these in a way that excites employers. Magnus Recruitment Services can uncover these unique aspects of your experience and make you shine as a candidate.


Standard service

  • Create a CV or enhance your existing version, ensuring the spelling and grammar is correct

  • Improve the formatting to strengthen the visual impact

  • Promote your strengths by highlighting your achievements to employers


Advanced service

All of the Standard service plus:

  • Research your target roles to identify the key skills and experience that employers are looking for

  • Work with you to match your CV to those target role, highlighting your most relevant skills and achievements

  • Optimise your resume so that it appears on employer keyword searches






Job interview coaching


Magnus Recruitment Services has a wealth of experience coaching individuals at all levels to significantly improve their interview performance. Job interview coaching is one of our key strengths and by working with us you will learn how to present your experience in the strongest possible light, placing you in a great position to secure your next role.


Many people find interviews stressful but our preparation can help remove the anxiety from the experience. When you prepare thoroughly for an interview it takes away the fear of the unknown and this allows you to concentrate on discussing a topic you know a lot about - You!


With 11 years experience conducting interviews for organisations like Ernst & Young, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Camelot, I have a wealth of knowledge about the interview process and this experience can help you secure your next role.


I can help you prepare for interviews such as:

  • Behavioural

  • Competency based

  • Career history

  • Telephone

  • Face-to-face

  • Video conference


I will:

  • Prepare a bespoke job interview based on your upcoming interviews

  • Conduct a 1-hour job interview coaching session

  • Provide feedback and tips on your performance with guidance on how you can improve

Creating a LinkedIn Profile


Magnus Recruitment Services can help you to improve your social media presence by enhancing or creating your LinkedIn profile.


Today, LinkedIn is the No.1 platform for recruiters and HR teams and is used by 15 million people in the UK (50% increase since 2012) and a total of 380 million people worldwide. Back in 2012 there were 5.7 billion searches carried out by recruiters and other LinkedIn members, underlining the site's importance to candidates as a way of connecting with key people.


If you have decided to sharpen up your LinkedIn profile then you understand the benefits of having an effective, targeted profile. Not only can this greatly expand your network of contacts, it can also put you on the radar of recruiters and HR teams who use LinkedIn to identify candidates for their vacancies.


Magnus Recruitment Services can help boost the performance of your LinkedIn profile by bringing you closer to the people who are recruiting for your target roles.


I will:

  • Review your current LinkedIn profile

  • Discuss your objectives and target market

  • Rewrite your profile focusing on the key skills and achievements that are relevant to your target market

  • Optimise your profile so that it ranks more highly on LinkedIn searches

  • Create a personalised action plan to help you build your network of contacts

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